Ctrl+Alt+Del White

€7.02 (IVA incl.)

Don't hang around and open a bottle of this semi-sweet, fresh and slightly fruity white wine, ready to enjoy! Ctrl+Alt+Del is the wine of different people and the only one capable of restarting your emotional state. Try it!

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To the eye

Pale straw yellow with bright gints.

To the nose

On the nose is fresh and intense with exotic notes, citrus and balsamic which remember banana, pineapplee, grapefruit and mango.

To the palate

Soft, citric freshness of the own grape with the remainders of totally natural carbonic. An explosion of sensations, full of flavours, cooled by acidity and fruit aromas memories.

Our advice

To fully appreciate its unique bouquet and aromas, it's best served around 6 ºC.

Data sheet

Designation of origin
I.G.P. Tierra de Castilla
Type of Wine
White Semi-sweet
Grape variety
Airén 100 %
Alcoholic degree
10,5 % Vol.
Espalier, late harvest
Partial fermentation
1.800 bottles

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