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Premium Collection

Our oenologists maintain the secrecy which stems from their knowledge and experience for making a good wine. A mixture of intuition, perceptibility and good work leading to the final result that we all expect and year after year, harvest after harvest, and continues to surprise us.

Limited production

On chalky and clay loam soils and where the balance between: clay, sand and silt predominates, with the presence of slate soils. On relatively small estates, with ancient vines, nearly a hundred years old, we prepare the biodynamic compost, which is a descent into the bowels of the earth: aromas of dandelion, chamomile flowers, mushrooms, tree bark ... Humus scented by a symphony of aromatic herbs. Providing always the utmost care and dedication that the process requires so as to obtain a result which borders on excellence. Always meager-volume production which entails placing on the market just a few thousand bottles each season.

Close to you

For the most part we have an exclusive distributor per country and who is our main ambassador with whom we work closely with and having as a goal that ANTIGVA have a significant presence anywhere in the world.

We work only with restaurants, hotels and wine bars, and our distribution is always selective and exclusive. These companies, with whom we work with, are fully integrated into our business strategy and thus becoming part of the team.