About us

ANTIGVA DeGusta® emerged as a reference benchmark in the promotion and distribution of the products which ANTIGVA Compañía Agroalimentaria Española del Mediterráneo® produces, selects and/or markets, acting independently and paying homage to the work of this company in the preservation of artisan products which are made in the Mediterranean basin. ANTIGVA DeGusta® hopes to advertise and disseminate this line of high quality and limited production artisan products among the supporters and lovers of this culture.


After more than four generations dedicated to the growing grapes in the area of Alt Penedès, in the municipality of Torrelles de Foix, this family of vine-growers decided that it was time to become winemakers and to vertically harness the fruits of their land producing wines and cavas to be sold directly in the Horeca Channel using its own means and resources.

Soils and varieties

The Antigva winery is a small estate with a surface area of approximately five hectares, however, having the cooperation of its neighboring estates which entails practically another ten estates added to this project. On chalky and clay loam soils and where the balance between: clay, sand and silt predominates, with the presence of slate soils, where old vines, nearly a hundred years old, at an average altitude of approximately 400 meters above sea level are found.

Antigva cultivates wines of the autochthonous varieties par excellence earmarked to the elaboration of cava (sparking wine): Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel•lo and Chardonnay, which are meticulously cultivated and fed using a biodynamic compost that the oldest member of this family continues preparing as it has been done so many times by the generations that come before him. A descent into the bowels of the earth: aromas of dandelion, chamomile flowers, mushrooms, tree bark ... Humus scented by a symphony of aromatic herbs, making its vines flourish 'happily' as he himself tells us and producing excellent grapes in the knowledge that these grapes are intended to produce only excellent quality cava.

This winery is defined as a ‘garage winemaker’ and its production is always limited insofar as whenever there is a bumper harvest or it simply does attain the quality considered optimal for a good wine, the grapes are not for wine-making and are shipped to the agricultural cooperatives in the region where a good use of the grapes will be made.

Elaboration and aging

Silence and time are responsible for producing the miracle of transforming a good wine into an excellent cava. A miracle which happens when a second fermentation occurs in the bottle where the cava rests and that only the cava master can determine when it is the exact moment to proceed to the disgorging of each bottle in accordance with the pre-determined quality for each cava, thus a Reserva quality cava is obtained when the aging of the cava goes beyond 15 months, or the Gran Reserva quality when this aging exceeds 30 months of resting. No malolactic fermentation is used by this winery in its wines, allowing the wines in this fashion to fully develop their freshness and aromas during maturity and aging. These cavas withstand a lower pressure in bottle and as such the bubbles of the cava elaborated by Antigva are smaller than those customarily found in other cavas, this is due to the elaboration techniques of its oenologists who manage that their cavas have a creamy flavor originating from the fineness of its bubbles and lightness of frothy foam, making them the gourmet cava par excellence.

Antigva Compañía Agroalimentaria Española del Mediterráneo® in its pursuit and desire to grow and amaze its supporters has reached an agreement with the Balbás family in Roa, Burgos, in the middle of Rivera del Duero, this family acceding to lease to the company an estate of approximately five hectares of ancient vineyards, some of which are almost a hundred years old, head pruned cultivation and of the single-variety Tempranillo indigenous to the area. And from this estate and having the unconditional support and infrastructure that this family has made available to our oenologists who have elaborated an exclusive wine in order to achieve excellence in their work. Nowadays these wines have the D.O. Ribera del Duero which are marketed under the ANTIGVA brand and having a very limited production.